CATSS Fall Kick-Off Meeting 2021

On October 1st, 2021 CATSS hosted a meeting to celebrate the return to campus and see each other in person once again. Graduate students, Post Docs and Faculty from several labs were invited to present on their work.

Ying-Zi wearing all black, standing at a podium with her slide presentation behind her on her right.
Post Doc Ying-Zi Xiong presented her research on dual sensory impairment.
Hao Lu wearing white shirt and gray sweatshirt presenting slides on a screen next to him.
Hao Lu discusses his study on head and eye movement in group conversations.
Matt wearing a dark shirt and tan pants, standing next to a podium with a projection screen next to him displaying his presentation slides.
Matt Winn spoke about the effort needed to fill in when a word is misheard.
Colin wearing a gray shirt, standing at a podium with his slide presentation project to his right
Post Doc Colin Flowers presenting on his project aimed at remapping text for readers with AMD to work around the scotoma in their visual field.
Daniel Guest wearing a gray t shirt standing at the podium with his slides projected next to him.
Daniel Guest presents a study on pitch discrimination.
Divya wearing a black jacket with a colorful shirt standing at the podium with her slide presentation displayed next to her.
Divya Bhaskaran discussing work on a new treatment for spasmodic dysphonia.


Far left Sam Montoya in a white jacket waiting to present, Katie Tregillus at podium wearing a teal shirt, a screen displaying slides is on the other side of Katie.
Katie Tregillus & Sam Montoya (far left) presented work by the Engel Vision and Imaging Lab.
Inderbir Sondh wearing a white button up shirt, standing at a podium with a presentation slide projected on the screen next to him
Inderbir Sondh compared cochlear implants to a new Auditory Nerve Implant.
Crowd of masked people facing the speaker, Gerardo, at the front of the room
Gerardo Rodriguez talks about his project on ultrasound hearing aids.
Ying-Zi wearing all black, standing at a podium with her slide presentation projected on a screen to the right of her

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