September 26, 2023

CATSS Scientific Co-Director, Gordon Legge, has been named a recipient of the 2024 APS James McKeen Cattell Fellow Award!

May 12, 2023

Former CATSS Director, Peggy Nelson, has been named the University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts Associate Dean of Social Studies!

April 04, 2023

Congratulation to Rachel Gage, Lab Manager for CATSS, who is the 2023 Department of Psychology Staff Excellence Award winner.

Gage was nominated by faculty and graduate students from the CATSS lab. They noted the important role Rachel plays in supporting CATSS research via the key role she plays in recruiting and testing visually impaired participants. Additionally, Rachel helps to facilitate the success of lab members, many of whom are visually impaired themselves. The CATSS lab is internationally recognized for leadership in studies of low vision. Nominators specifically commented on  “Rachel’s high-quality work in the lab, and her work on behalf of people with vision disabilities, contributing to the Department’s goal of enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

The Psychology Staff Excellence Award recognizes staff who have demonstrated excellence and professionalism in their overall performance and who have made meaningful contributions to their unit and/or the Department of Psychology. Winners are nominated by their supervisors and at least one additional nominator. 

October 07, 2022

The six-part podcast series "Making Sense," by Vox Media won the 2022 Excellence in Audio Digital Storytelling, Use of Audio Storytelling, awarded by the Online New Association

CATSS member Matthew Winn, Au.D., Ph.D., associate professor in the Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences at the University of Minnesota is part of the episode "Making Sense: How sound becomes hearing." Winn is the director of the Listen Lab which is aimed at understanding speech communication and what makes it difficult for people with hearing loss.

October 02, 2022

In an hour-long MPR news show, Peggy Nelson, professor in the Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences, talks about additional options for people with hearing loss. The discussion with an audiologist and MPR's Angela Davis was based on the recent decision of the Food and Drug Administration to allow hearing aids to be sold over the counter without an exam or prescription. Listeners called in with a lot of questions. 

See the audio recording and the transcript of the entire show.

September 23, 2022

When: Friday, October 14, 2021 from 11:30am to 4:30 pm – Happy Hour to follow at the Campus Club
Where: Weisman Museum, 333 E River Pkwy, Minneapolis, MN 55455
What: Opening talk to be given by Joe Gaugler, PhD, followed by short talks given by CATSS students and a closing talk given by Gordon Legge, PhD. 
Lunch will be provided between 11:30 am - 12:30 pm.

Please RSVP if you plan to attend and also indicate if you would like to join us for lunch!

August 25, 2022

Please join us on Friday, Oct 14th for our Fall 2022 Symposium at Weisman Art Museum.

August 18, 2022

In a StarTribune article from August 16, 2022, titled "FDA rule clears the way for cheaper, over-the-counter hearing aids," Peggy Nelson comments on this long-awaited ruling and its implications. 

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